Hologic’s Clarity HD is a technology that creates high-definition 3D images for breast cancer screening radiologists. The system uses a new type of detector and advanced 3D imaging algorithms to generate a 70-micron pixel size, the same as conventional full-field digital mammography (FFDM). Consequently, the system offers clinicians greater clarity, improved accuracy, and more confidence in detecting invasive breast cancers than standard techniques. 

Clarity high-resolution 3D™ imaging comes standard with all Hologic 3Dimensions™ systems. The imaging algorithm and high-resolution detector deliver user-friendly, high-fidelity images irrespective of breast tissue size or thickness. 

Hologic transitioned all its mammography units to Hologic Clarity HD™ and Intelligent 2D™ technology after receiving FDA approval in 2018. The new technology substantially reduces lesion artifacts and yields a more natural appearance, similar to FFDM, enhancing its applicability in the clinic. 

How Does Clarity HD Work?

Hologic Clarity HD uses a new detector and a 3D imaging algorithm. Patients arrive at the Hologic 3Dimensions mammography device and place their breasts under compression. Scanning on new devices takes 3.7 seconds, minimizing patient discomfort. 

Once the scan is complete, the system sends data to a central processing unit where intelligent algorithms construct advanced 3D images with ultra-high fidelity – down to 70 microns per pixel. Radiologists receive exceptional quality outputs, letting them see breast lesions in exquisite detail. Calcifications appear more defined at the margins, and image quality does not vary with breast size or shape. 

Applications Of Clarity HD

Hologic Clarity HD™ High-Resolution 3D™ Imaging Technology is for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. It can detect more invasive breast cancers and reduce recalls compared to 2D mammography alone. It can also assist radiologists by synthesizing 2D images and SmartSlices – 6 mm overlapping slides that provide a continuous view of the diagnostically significant region. 

More specifically, Clarity HD+® Imaging Technology is an upgrade for existing  Selenia® Dimensions® systems that use two times the tomosynthesis resolution of conventional 3D Mammography™. The approach generates sharper images with fewer noise-related artifacts or interference. Radiologists feel more confident diagnosing patients, reducing the risk of follow-up scans. 

Advantages And Limitations Of Clarity HD

The advantages of Clarity HD from Hologic are substantial. 

Faster, Higher Resolution

Clarity HD offers far greater clarity than Hologic’s previous systems and competing FFDM machines. The solution has the industry’s fastest and highest resolution 3D™ images with the same pixel size as standard FFDM. 

Improved Diagnostic Confidence

Hologic’s Clarity HD feature also inspires confidence. Clinicians are less likely to miss positive diagnoses, particularly on large breasts or those with thick, dense tissue. 

Better Synthesized 2D Images

Clarity HD lets clinics eliminate the X-ray portion of the  3D™ exam by enabling radiologists to generate 2D data from smooth, 70-micro tomosynthesis data. Machine learning algorithms “fill in the gaps,” using information from the existing dataset, producing pictures that medics can interpret more easily. Calcifications, round lesions, spiculated lesions, and lobular lesions are far easier to detect. 

Faster Detection

Radiologists must often spend several hours studying patient images to come to a firm diagnosis. A high workload can eventually take its toll on clinicians’ well-being. 

However, reviews become faster and quicker when you pair Clarity HD with Genius AI™-powered 3DQuorum™ technology to generate 6mm SmartSlices. The number of images radiologists must study can fall as much as two-thirds, saving over an hour per day in a standard eight-hour shift. These cross-sections replace FFDM’s 1 mm slices and are FDA-approved. 

High Sensitivity And Accuracy

Lastly, Hologic’s new Clarity HD feature offers no compromise in accuracy or sensitivity. Images improve on FFDM while maintaining standard compliance requirements. For many radiologists, the transition feels natural and requires minimal adjustment. 


Hologic’s Clarity HD comes with some minor limitations clinicians will need to consider in the context of their practice. For instance, it may not be covered by all insurance plans or reimbursed by all payers. It may not be widely available yet and requires upgrading existing Selenia Dimensions systems or purchasing new 3Dimensions systems.


Hologic’s Clarity HD feature represents a tremendous advance in mammography 3D imaging capabilities. The innovation vastly improves radiologist and patient experience, reducing the number of false negatives and enhancing diagnostic confidence. 

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