Hologic is a healthcare medical device company that promotes women’s health and develops new systems to enhance their clinical experience. Today, it is a leading light in the mammography sector, offering advanced technologies not found elsewhere. 

Hologic’s Genius AI represents the next step in the firm’s evolution. The artificial intelligence-powered technology analyzes vast tracts of information quickly and accurately, using advanced machine learning algorithms, sifting through thousands of mammography images to identify areas of clinical concern. This solution assists clinicians, enabling them to more accurately and efficiently detect breast cancer in the early stages, maximizing the likelihood that treatment will succeed. 

How Hologic Genius AI Technology Works

At root, Hologic Genius AI Technology is a software platform that enhances mammography screening and diagnosis performance and accuracy. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze digital breast images and provides radiologists with additional information to support clinical decision-making.

Hologic’s Genius AI relies on two main elements: Genius 3D Mammography and Genius AI Detection. The first step, Genius 3D Mammography, is a technology that captures multiple breast images from different angles, creating a 3D reconstruction of the target tissue. This technique lets radiologists examine the breast layer by layer, bypassing overlapping tissues that could mask breast cancer lesions. By contrast, The second step, Genius AI Detection, is a software tool that applies deep learning algorithms to the 3D images generated by Genius 3D Mammography. The solution cleverly highlights and identifies areas requiring additional consideration, including asymmetries, unwanted masses, architectural distortions, and calcifications. 

Even more critically, it gives radiologists confidence scores for every area of clinical interest. These probability-weighted measures add statistical grounding to visual examinations, allowing clinicians to compare their clinical assessments to training data-generated likelihoods. 

The Benefits Of Hologic Genius AI Technology

Because Hologic Genius AI technology is a revolutionary innovation in breast cancer screening, it offers multiple benefits for clinicians, patients, and practices. Analyzing digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images yields actionable insights and clinical decision support. Key benefits include: 

  • Improved detection of invasive cancers. Hologic Genius leverages AI data training sets to identify breast tissue features displaying cancerous or precancerous growths. It can also detect deeper, more invasive cancer that standard 2D mammography may miss.
  • Higher mammography efficiency. Related to this point, Genius AI increases diagnostic throughput, enabling radiologists to process more cases daily. This benefit may reduce workload and cut the risk of burnout. 
  • Fewer false positives. Hologic Genius AI technology can also help radiologists reduce the number of false positives and unnecessary recalls. Once patients leave the clinic and receive their first set of results, they expect them to provide a final diagnosis. They do not want the emotional challenges of returning to the clinic for a second screening because the first is inconclusive. Fortunately, studies have shown that AI technology can reduce the recall rate compared to 2D mammography alone. 
  • Fewer false negatives. Better imaging technology and lesion identification can also substantially reduce false negatives – where radiologists incorrectly conclude the patient is healthy. False negatives can lead to treatment delays and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety for patients. As with false positives, Genius AI’s advanced machine-learning algorithms make these outcomes less likely by improving the accuracy and tractability of mammography results. 
  • Improved security. According to Hologic, Genius AI is the only deep learning product on the market that runs on the acquisition workstation of the mammography system without the need to invest in separate, third-party servers. With this approach, clinics get a convenient and secure environment natively. 
  • Enhanced workflow and productivity. Lastly, Hologic Genius AI technology benefits clinical practices by streamlining workflows and improving radiologists’ productivity, which we discuss in the next section. 

The Productivity Features Of Hologic Genius AI Technology

Hologic Genius AI Technology’s productivity features are substantial and can enhance throughput and decision-making in clinical practice. 


SmartSlices is a feature that generates synthetic 2D images from DBT slices automatically, with the need for additional 2D exposures. This approach reduces the radiation dose for Hologic Dimensions 3D tomosynthesis patients, offering further peace of mind. 

The solution relies on taking 6mm overlapping cross-sections of the breast instead of 1 mm increments. It then uses AI technology to stitch images together into a seamless whole for high fidelity. 

Clarity HD

Clarity HD is another feature that enhances the image quality and resolution of DBT images, enabling radiologists to see finer details and subtle lesions. It acquires tomosynthesis imaging data down to a resolution of 70 microns, currently the industry’s gold standard, and then uses it to create synthesized 2D images comparable in quality to FFDM. 

Studies Supporting The Clinical Use Of Hologic Genius AI

Multiple studies confirm Hologic Genius AI as a clinically relevant deep learning-based imaging system for breast cancer detection in women. 

One study showed that Genius AI Detection software aids in the identification and early detection of breast cancer when used with the Genius 3D Mammography exam, with higher sensitivity and a lower false-positive rate than previous generation CAD products. According to Jennifer Meade, Hologic’s Division President of Breast and Skeletal Solutions, the study showed the solution's ability to: 

  • Aid in image interpretation by highlighting suspicious and subtle areas of interest
  • Help radiologists prioritize diagnosis for the most concerning patient cases
  • Shorten the cycle between screening, diagnostics, and follow-up

Ultimately, the technology helps radiologists categorize patients by expected read times and complexity. This approach allows them to expedite patient care. 


As time passes, Hologic’s AI technology will continue to advance. Progress may reduce patient radiation exposure further and improve image fidelity even more. 

Genius AI is compatible with Hologic 3Dimensions and various other technologies from the provider. Its ability to combine training datasets with real-time clinical imaging makes it a powerful ally in breast cancer diagnosis. 

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