Radiologists can struggle to identify cancerous lesions and other abnormalities in breast tissue. Therefore, Hologic developed R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD, advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) systems to assist mammography image interpretation. These solutions offer sensitive and accurate results in various output types, including: 

  • Conventional 2D FFDM images
  • C-View™ images 
  • Intelligent 2D™ synthesized images

Hologic lets practitioners license the software directly on the Dimensions Acquisition Workstation without needing a dedicated server, simplifying the configuration and reducing security concerns. Both systems are compatible with DICOM standards and integrate with various radiologist workstations, including Hologic’s SecurView.

How Do R2 Cenova CAD & Image Checker CAD Work? 

Hologic designed the R2 Cenova CAD system for use with digital mammography images. As such, radiologists use X-ray detectors instead of film to capture images of the breast.

After image capture, the R2 Cenova CAD system uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms to evaluate the digitized mammogram. Hologic trains these algorithms on thousands of breast images, helping them recognize regions of clinical significance. Analysis occurs in a matter of seconds, highlighting potential abnormalities for further inspection by radiologists. Areas of interest appear overlaid on the mammography image in red and yellow markings. 

ImageChecker® CAD works similarly. It uses smart software to identify regions of interest in mammography images to help radiologists. Markings on suspicious clusters or calcifications appear on SecurView®, PACS workstations, and other third-party options as clearly-defined overlays.

The Benefits Of Hologic R2 Cenova CAD & Image Checker CAD

The Hologic R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD are among the most powerful assistive tools for radiologists available, offering multiple benefits to practitioners and patients. 

  • High Sensitivity And Specificity

Hologic R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker are clinically proven to detect more cancers than standard mammography while keeping false positives low. They achieve this using a combination of algorithmic approaches and artificial intelligence to search images for the subtle cancer signs that clinicians might miss. Vast datasets allow these tools to see patterns not detectable by the human eye. 

  • Improved Workflow Integration

R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD work with Hologic’s mammography, third-party digital systems, and PACS (picture archiving and communication system) platforms. Therefore, most radiology departments can integrate them without requiring additional hardware. ImageChecker® CAD also has the benefit of being cost-effective because it can reside on Dimensions Acquisition Workstations

CAD marks quickly highlight areas that require additional attention. Radiologists can then explore tomosynthesis outputs in more detail without manual marking. 

  • Improved Patient Care And Satisfaction

Finally, Hologic R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD can help radiologists provide more accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment for patients with breast cancer. Patients are less likely to receive false negatives or positives, reducing stress, recalls, the need for additional biopsies, and deteriorating health outcomes from lack of treatment. This enhanced service improves patient satisfaction and encourages them to return to the clinic for future interventions. 


Hologic R2 Cenova CAD & Image Checker CAD offer various features to enhance utility and make them more user-friendly, allowing any clinic to integrate them. 

  • High sensitivity. Hologic R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD can detect more cancers than unaided reading.
  • Flexible solutions. Computer-aided diagnosis lets you set sensitivity or operating points most in line with the clinic’s needs. The complexity of the interface is adjustable, and additional features are available when using Hologic’s workstations. The systems allow users to adjust parameters such as detection threshold, symbol size, color, and opacity. Clinicians can also choose to block out areas of the image, except regions of interest
  • Comprehensive support. Hologic offers exceptional in-practice support with installation, maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. 
  • Cost-effective. Image Checker software does not require a dedicated Cenova™ server. I
  • DICOM-compatible. Image Checker allows clinicians to send results to radiologist workstations or PACS following exam completion. The elimination of a server and the ability to transfer information with ease reduces security concerns and lowers total system costs. 


Hologic R2 Cenova CAD and Image Checker CAD perfectly complement Hologic Dimensions 3D mammography devices. These systems make it easier for radiologists to identify possible signs of cancer in breast tissue faster and more accurately than unassisted. Ultimately, these computer-aided image checkers reduce the risk of false positives and negatives that cause patients stress, anxiety, and inconvenience. 

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