Early detection of breast cancer is critical for survival, and mammography is one of the most powerful tools for this purpose. However, the field is always improving.

Hologic’s Clarity HD and 3D Quorum are good examples of this progress in practice. They offer game-changing enhancements over standard mammography by enhancing 3D images, reducing radiation exposure, and cutting exam time. 

This article explores Clarity HD and 3D Quorum and how they combine to offer a one-two combo for breast cancer diagnosis. 

Clarity HD: A Game-Changer In Mammography

Conventional mammography’s limitations, such as low image resolution, high radiation dose, and low specificity, are well known. Therefore, Hologic developed several technologies to improve clinical applications. 

One of these innovations is Clarity HD, a 3D mammography system that uses a low-dose X-ray tube that moves in an arc over the breast, taking multiple images from different angles, similar to tomosynthesis. The technology then reconstructs images into a 3D matrix using Hologic’s proprietary algorithms. The layer-by-layer tissue reconstruction reduces interference from overlapping structures, making it easier for clinicians to see signs of disease. A high-resolution detector captures more pixels per image, resulting in sharper and finer images, assisting in correct diagnosis.

Research demonstrates that Clarity HD offers real benefits compared to standard approaches. The tool clearly reveals subtle lesions and fine calcifications that pinpoint cancers early. Clinicians can detect up to 65% more invasive breast cancer and reduce recalls by 40% compared to standard procedures. 

3DQuorum: Taking Clarity HD To The Next Level

Quorum combines the advantages of Clarity HD with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide unprecedented image quality and accuracy. Once clinicians capture images, AI software enhances them further, improving lesion detection while reducing the risk of false negatives. As such, it represents a significant improvement over traditional mammography and Clarity HD technology alone. 

Compared to regular breast cancer diagnostic approaches, Quorum technology can produce images that are sharper, reduce the radiation dose by up to 40%, and increase the cancer detection rate by up to 65%. And compared to Clarity HD, it can further enhance the image quality by leveraging AI to : 

  • Improve the contrast and brightness of images
  • Optimize image resolution
  • Reduce or eliminate noise and interference 
  • Reduce or eliminate artifacts, such as hairs, foreign objects, or gowns

Studies also found that 3DQuorum reduces read times significantly. Standard 1mm tomosynthesis read time averages 61.9 seconds. However, Hologic 3DQuorum read times were only 54.5 seconds, representing a 13% reduction. C

Combining Clarity HD And Quorum For Maximum Effectiveness Against Breast Cancer

Combining Clarity HD and Quorum is an excellent way to improve breast cancer screening performance. The former is a high-resolution 3D imaging technology that produces 3D images with 70-micron pixel resolution, while the latter is a new type of tomosynthesis images that provides 6-mm thick slices. Combining the technologies gives clinicians the best of both worlds: high-resolution 3D images with fewer slices to review. 

The benefits of combining Clarity HD with Quorum for breast cancer patients are considerable. They include: 

  1. More accurate diagnoses. Clinicians can detect 20-65% more invasive breast cancer than 2D mammography alone and reduce recalls against standard approaches when using Hologic’s technology. Radiologists can also benefit from higher contrast images, skin-line improvements, and minimal artifacts. 
  2. Expedited reading times. Another benefit of Clarity HD and Quorum is the expedited reading times. The combination reduces the number of 3D images to review by two-thirds, helping the average radiologist save around an hour daily, based on an eight-hour shift pattern. 
  3. High-resolution file size reduction. Clinics can also save on equipment and cloud infrastructure investment because Hologic Clarity HD and Quorum reduce the file size by over 50%, returning more storage capacity to the network. This process reduces hardware and storage requirements to the level of conventional 3D imaging but keeps all the benefits Hologic offers. 


As such, combining Clarity HD and Quorum can help radiology clinics and departments improve breast cancer screening. Hologic 3Dimensions hardware can incorporate these features, improving your workflow and the patient experience. Radiologists can test SmartSlices before using them in clinical practice in place of their 1mm tomosynthesis slices using Hologic’s acquisition station (AWS). 

To learn more and order compatible Hologic breast mammography 3D Quorum Hologic Dimensions 3D devices, visit mammo.com. Alternatively, call our sales team.