Hologic Dimensions 3D is a state-of-the-art mammography system providing high-quality images of breast tissue using low-dose X-rays. The system uses tomosynthesis, which creates a three-dimensional view of the breast by taking multiple exposures from different angles. This approach allows radiologists to see more details and detect abnormalities more accurately. 

Mammo.com is a leading provider of used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, including Hologic Dimensions 3D systems. Depending on your budget and needs, we offer various options for purchasing Hologic Dimensions 3D systems (which we discuss below). We also provide installation, training, service, and warranty for all Hologic Dimensions 3D systems, providing reliable assistance every step of the way. 

This post explores why you should purchase a used Hologic Dimensions unit, including improved image quality, reduced radiation exposure, and cost savings versus other used systems. 

Improved Image Quality

As a state-of-the-art mammography device, Hologic Dimensions offers enhanced image quality compared to standard mammography systems. Units produce high-resolution 3D images of the breast using a low-dose X-ray beam that sweeps over the tissue in an arc, capturing multiple exposures from different angles. Computers then reconstruct these images into a 3D volume viewable as thin slices by the radiologist. This approach lets clinicians see more detail in the breast tissue, even when it is dense or obscured by other structures. 

Clinical studies document the benefits of 3D images in detecting abnormalities and reducing false positives. This type of mammography can increase the detection rate of invasive cancers by up to 41 percent and decrease the recall rate by up to 40 percent compared to conventional mammography. It means more women with breast cancer can get early and accurate diagnoses. It also means that fewer women who don’t have breast cancer need to go through the anxiety of unnecessary testing.

Reduced Radiation Exposure

Another advantage of the Hologic Dimensions 3D system is its low-dose imaging technology for high-resolution 3D mammograms. This technique enables units to detect breast cancer in dense breasts while reducing radiation exposure simultaneously.

It’s possible because of Hologic’s use of a technology called tomosynthesis, which engineers perfected in the 1990s. It involves taking multiple X-ray images of the breast from different angles and reconstructing them into a three-dimensional image with the help of a computer. The resulting output provides more details and clarity than a traditional 2D mammogram, which only shows a flat view of the breast, allowing radiologists to feel more confident about their diagnoses. 

At the same time, the Hologic Dimensions 3D system comes with proprietary Intelligent 2D imaging technology to generate synthetic 2D images from 3D data, eliminating the need for a separate 2D scan. Again, clever computer software reviews 3D slices and then stitches them together into a two-dimension image for radiologists to make clinical decisions. Evidence from Hologic suggests this approach can reduce scan time to 3.7 seconds and lower patient radiation dose by up to 40% compared to conventional 2D mammography.

Reducing radiation exposure is critical for patients because it minimizes the risk of radiation-induced cancer and other adverse effects. Radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime, meaning repeated mammograms can increase the risk of harm. Hologic’s technology is unique because it cuts exposure significantly while maintaining high accuracy. 

Cost Savings And Other Benefits Of Used Dimensions 3D Systems

Another significant advantage of using Hologic Dimensions equipment is the cost savings. Depending on the condition and age of the system, you can save up to 50 percent or more compared to buying a new one. This approach lets clinics reduce upfront investments, maintain capital for other purchases, and keep their balance sheets healthy. 

Another benefit of buying a used Hologic Dimensions 3D system is the reliability and availability of the technology. Hologic is famous globally as a leading manufacturer of durable equipment that can last decades under heavy use. Used units deliver consistent and accurate results for patients, even if they are ten years old or more. 

Lastly, buying a used Hologic Dimensions 3D system from Mammo.com comes with the additional benefit of professional installation and warranty options (something we discuss in more detail in the next section). You can get expert installation and service from qualified technicians, ensuring you set up your system correctly and can begin providing services to patients immediately. 

Mammo.com’s Support For Clients

Mammo.com provides a comprehensive list of services for healthcare providers, radiology technicians, and managers of hospital systems and clinics, including Hologic Dimensions 3D. Choosing us lets you access a single, central source for supplying your hospital or clinic with digital mammography solutions. 

Purchasing a used Hologic Dimensions 3D system from Mammo.com brings various benefits, including full support throughout your unit’s lifecycle. Maintenance and repair services include parts delivery, installation, calibration, troubleshooting, and preventive inspections. 

Moreover, Mammo.com has a team of certified engineers who are experts in repairing Hologic mammography systems and training radiology technicians to use them. We provide an industry leading warranty on all used units covering parts and labor. 

Critically, we understand the importance of ongoing support for maintaining your equipment, ensuring it continues to perform optimally. With us, you can get full coverage, partial coverage, or pay-per-service options, depending on your clinic’s requirements. Online and phone support is available if you encounter any system issues going forward. 

Start Saving On Hologic Dimensions Systems

The benefits of purchasing a used Hologic Dimensions 3D system from Mammo.com include improved image quality, cost savings, and access to advanced proprietary technologies. Radiologists can reduce the time needed to analyze scans while patients are less likely to receive incorrect diagnoses. More advanced technology improves the experience all-round and can encourage patients to recommend your facilities to the people they know. 

For more information on used Hologic Dimensions systems, please contact our team.