If you’re an owner of a Hologic Selenia unit manufactured between January 19th, 2007, and December 7th, 2012, you might have received a letter from Hologic's service arm telling you about your system’s end-of-life (EOL). It means that Hologic no longer  supports these models, as of 3 May 2019. 

The good news is that there’s no need to worry, even if you still use these systems. Alternative solutions are available to keep them running for years in the future. 

Mammo.com, as you might expect, is right at the heart of those solutions. Our view is that your Selenia still has many years left in it, and we want to help you make the most of them. That’s why we stock more than 35,000 imaging parts in our inventory, including all those you need for Selenia devices. 

To make your clinic’s life even better, we offer a range of service options to keep your systems maintained, including: 

  • Non-contract (time and materials) 
  • Comprehensive service plans

We’ve been working on Selenia systems for many years, meaning there’s virtually nothing our Service Team’s experienced engineers don’t know how to fix. 

Even better, choosing Mammo.com to provide support and supply you with the parts you need could save you thousands of dollars and avoid having to spend money on an expensive new system, such as Hologic Dimensions. 

To get assistance, contact our team today and learn how we can help you keep your Selenia running at its best.

Our Options For Selenia Customers Affected By Hologic’s EOL Declaration

We can offer you the following options if you’ve been affected by Hologic’s EOL declaration. 

  • Affordable service agreement that holds to new OEM standards. Your system will continue to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications as long as parts and servicing options remain available with no loss of quality. 
  • More flexible “time and materials” agreements for those wanting more options. Only pay for the materials you need and avoid upgrading to new, capital-heavy systems. 
  • Get a quick upgrade to the latest Hologic Dimensions 3D mammography system. You can use our expertise to learn more about the latest equipment from Hologic and how it could help you reduce false positives and negatives in breast cancer screening. 

Whichever route you choose, Mammo.com can lead the way.

What Does EOL Mean For Clinics That Use Selenia Systems?

The EOL notice means Hologic will no longer provide technical support, software updates, or replacement parts for Selenia systems. However, this change does not mean your system is out-of-date or obsolete. If you’ve looked after your unit, it is still a high-quality diagnostic tool, capable of providing accurate diagnoses for years to come.

The main change is in who you work with. Hologic will no longer be available to source parts. Instead, you must rely on third-party service providers and suppliers to maintain and repair your system. Mammo.com stocks a massive inventory, including paddles, consoles, tubes, boards, and detectors. 

While unlikely, you may face compliance and accreditation challenges if you hold onto old systems. That’s because they may not meet the latest regulatory standards. Again, support services and parts suppliers, like Mammo.com, can assist you with this. 

Should You Keep Using Your Selenia Or Replace It? 

If you want to keep using your Selenia system, you’ll need to find a reliable and experienced third-party service provider that can offer service contracts or pay-as-you-go on-site technical support and access to quality replacement parts. You will still need these items to ensure your equipment continues to meet FDA, MQSA, and other agency requirements if you want to proceed. 

You can replace your Selenia system and upgrade to Hologic Dimensions. However, you will need to consider various factors, including your budget, patients, and workflow. Upgrading to a newer digital mammography system from Hologic offers 3D imaging capabilities that could make diagnoses more reliable. But it also invokes training, installation, and servicing costs of maintaining a new system. 

Where Can You Find The Best Parts For Selenia Systems?

Even though Selenia systems are now EOL, replacement parts are still available from Mammo.com, your trusted partner who can provide the best service and parts for your mammography equipment. We have decades of experience supplying parts for Hologic Selenia systems and offer flexible contracts to suit whatever your clinic needs.