The Hologic Selenia 2D mammography system is a digital mammography device that uses a direct conversion detector to produce high-quality images of breast tissue. Engineers designed the system to detect breast cancer early and accurately, reducing the need for repeated screenings, biopsies, and callbacks. 

Even so, Selenia 2D mammography systems offer low X-ray doses for a safe patient experience, superior detection, and lower cost. 

This post explores the benefits of purchasing a used Hologic Selenia 2D mammography system and what to look out for before you invest. 

How Does Hologic’s Selenia 2D Mammography System Work? 

Hologic’s Selenia 2D mammography systems use X-rays to produce high-quality breast images. Units collect X-ray data using a detector, which converts them into electrical signals sent to a central computer. This computer then creates a 2D image of the breast tissue for analysis. 

Selenia uses a direct conversion detector. This piece of equipment eliminates the need to convert X-rays to light, improving the sharpness of the image over standard systems. In addition, Selenia comes with High Transmission Cellular Grid technology that delivers improved contrast images by reducing radiation scatter without increasing patient dose. 

Selenia comes with technologies to improve exam efficiency and radiologist productivity. Smart paddle systems, for instance, control the movement of Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) and automatic collimator functions. These additions help clinicians improve positioning and guarantee better image acquisition. The single detector solution also lets radiologists image patients of different sizes while reducing the need for additional exposures. 

Technologists can acquire images via the Selenia TechMate acquisition console. This unit provides access to CAD tools and lets radiologists compare prior images without interrupting the consultation. 

SecurViewRT workstations allow clinics to give multiple radiologists and technicians access to the Selenia. This feature lets professionals collaborate efficiently. 

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Used Hologic Selenia 2D Mammography System

Hologic released the first Selenia 2D Mammography systems more than a decade ago. Even so, they still offer considerable benefits for patients, clinics, and hospitals. 

Lower Cost

A top benefit of Hologic’s Selenia 2D mammography system is that you can save money compared to buying a new one. A used system can cost up to 50 percent less than a new one, depending on the condition, age, and features. Buying one can help your hospital or clinic reduce capital expenditure and increase return on investment (when properly serviced). 

Quality And Reliability

Buying a Hologic Selenia 2D system also gives you peace of mind. Hologic is a leading manufacturer of mammography units with a reputation for quality and reliability. Selenia 2D systems deliver high-resolution images, low-dose radiation, and fast acquisition time, letting radiologists make their assessments more rapidly. believes that used Hologic Selenia 2D systems can retain their performance and functionality for years, provided you maintain them correctly. Our team can provide ongoing service and support after Hologic’s 2019 end-of-life (EOL) declaration. 

Availability of Parts

Another benefit of purchasing a used Hologic Selenia 2D mammography system is that you can easily find parts and accessories. can supply you with original or compatible parts whenever you need them. As a bonus, we offer the latest shipping time in the nation at 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time and promise an industry-leading 98 percent uptime.

Comparable Performance to Newer Systems

A used Hologic Selenia 2D mammography unit can offer comparable performance to newer systems if upgraded with the latest software and hardware features. 

For instance, adding Affirm breast biopsy guidance systems lets you perform 2D and 3D tissue extractions with the same equipment. You can also add Genius 3D exam technology, a superior method to 2D approaches that can detect 20 to 65 percent more invasive breast cancers. Hence, you don’t necessarily require a new 3Dimensions unit to provide superior clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

Full Warranty

All Hologic 2D systems come with a warranty, offering peace of mind. If a problem occurs during the warranty period and meets our terms and conditions, you won’t pay for parts or labor to fix it. 

What To Look For When Purchasing A Used Hologic Selenia 2D System

So, what should you look for when purchasing a used Hologic Selenia 2D system? 

The Quality Of The System

The quality of your new Selenia 2D unit will depend on how well it has been maintained and calibrated over the years. A poorly maintained system can have degraded image quality, increased radiation exposure, and reduced functionality.

Fortunately, thoroughly inspects and services all equipment before it leaves our facility. Our team of experienced technicians roots out issues, such as cracks, dents, scratches, or stains on the exterior or interior components, before shipping. 

Age and Usage History

The age and usage history of a Selenia 2D system can also affect its performance and reliability. Newer units may perform better and have later Hologic upgrades.

At, we provide the date of manufacture, the number of scans performed, the average scan time, and the frequency of software updates. Therefore, you get a comprehensive insight into what to expect from your new unit when choosing us.

Maintenance and Service Records

Lastly, be sure to check for maintenance and service records. These indicate how well the former owner took care of their Selenia 2D unit. Better-maintained systems last longer and have fewer problems. 

Start Benefiting From Used Selenia 2D Mammography Systems Today

Purchasing a used Hologic Selenia 2D system brings a host of benefits, including lower cost, exceptional quality and reliability, high parts availability, and comparable performance to newer systems. As such, it is a viable choice for hospitals and clinics looking for exceptional value for money. 

For used Selenia 2D mammography systems, come to We offer all the units, parts, engineers, and phone support you need to achieve up to 98 percent uptime.