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Modality Mammography Biopsy
Manufacturer Hologic
System Affirm
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Affirm® Upright
Breast Biopsy
Guidance System
The world’s first 3DTM breast biopsy guidance
system gives you the power to quickly
transition from screening to 2D or 3DTM
interventional procedures using any Hologic
3D Mammography TM capable system.

Superior Imaging2

  • Pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications – including those that may only be visible with tomosynthesis with the 3DTM biopsy option.
  • Streamlined workflow.
  • Efficient, fast, easy to learn and use.
  • The system provides a simplified user interface to help deliver a fast biopsy with fewer steps and a lower patient dose.
  • Versatile Solution.
  • Transition from screening to interventional procedures to biopsy a wide spectrum of patients either seated or decubitus.
  • Quickly and
    easily switch between standard and
    lateral needle approaches.


As a market leader in Hologic® 3D and 2D mammography parts and distribution, offers a full stock of parts for radiology systems. While we specialize in parts for Hologic 3D mammography, we also offer a wide selection of inventory for a variety of mammography systems.

Like our parent company UMAC, has an engineering department dedicated to rigorous systems and parts testing prior to shipment. Our distribution services also include overnight delivery as well as full-service, on-site setup of mammography equipment.