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Hologic 3Dimensions

Part number 3DM-SYS-STD
Modality Hologic
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Functioning as a literal industry flagship, the Hologic 3D mammography system revolutionizes the world of breast cancer screening through its ever-increasing efficiency and undeniable medical impact.

It does so by being the first, and so far the only, breast tomosynthesis system that is clinically superior to 2D mammography screening devices in matters of performance, patient comfort, and top-quality visuals.

To date, 5 million women in the United States alone have benefitted from the Hologic mammography screening technology, and with its availability only increasing both inside and outside of US borders, many more are sure to follow.

The revolutionary Hologic Dimensions 3D system, which has set the new standard in mammography screening, provides.

Streamlining workflow, the Hologic Dimensions 3D system performs the imaging of tomorrow, today. All configurations offer the following features.

High-resolution display for the Hologic Dimensions 3D:

  • Images that can be instantly viewed on the Hologic Dimensions 3D with a 2 MP or 3MP DICOM-calibrated display, providing exceptionally fine detail.
  • The Hologic Dimensions 3D allows prior breast imaging studies to be recalled, making it possible to view new and prior images side-by-side.
  • Optimized face shield for Hologic Dimensions 3D:
  • Retractable to help when positioning patients on the Hologic Dimensions 3D.
  • Stationary during 3D™ imaging, allowing patients to be positioned as they are for 2D imaging.
  • FAST Paddle system for Hologic Dimensions 3D:
  • Conforms to natural contours of the breast, providing greater comfort to the patient and more even compression across the entire breast.
  • All paddles used for 2D and 3D™ imaging.

Streamlined tube head:

  • The Hologic Dimensions 3D has a streamlined tube head and ample Source-to Image Distance (SID) of 70 cm, making positioning easier and providing more space for interventional procedures.

Multiple procedure modes for Hologic Dimensions 3D:

  • 2D mammography
  • Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™
  • Low-dose Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™
  • 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ only
  • 2D or 3D™ biopsy with the AffirmTM breast biopsy guidance system
  • I-ViewTM software for Contrast Enhanced 2D Imaging


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