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SecurView Workstations

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Workflow Solutions for the Breast Imaging Suite

Hologic’s dedication to women’s health and mammography extends to its image viewing and analysis products. The SecurView® DX diagnostic worksta- tion and options offer flexible, interactive and comprehensive diagnostic tools designed to help radiologistssee more clearly and work more efficiently.

Efficient Review

  • Personalize ReportFlows for any clinical situation
  • Single-click navigation through each programmed step
  • Automatic selection of desired ReportFlow based on exam type
  • Intelligent roaming through quadrants at full resolution
    Ergonomic, Intuitive Keypad (optional on some systems)
  • Single-touch support for navigation through tomosynthesis images,
    including scrolling, cine and toggle between 2D and 3DTM views
  • Single-click access to commonly used functions
  • Minimal keystrokes for all breast imaging modalities
    Image Distribution
  • Automatic retrieval of prior studies from PACS upon receipt of new
    images (auto-fetching)
  • Manually or automatically merge patient cases if patient presents with
    a different ID and date of birth combination (does not affect permanent
    archival on PACS)
  • Receive and analyze images from remote sites and mobile units

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As a market leader in Hologic® 3D and 2D mammography parts and distribution, offers a full stock of parts for radiology systems. While we specialize in parts for Hologic 3D mammography, we also offer a wide selection of inventory for a variety of mammography systems.

Like our parent company UMAC, has an engineering department dedicated to rigorous systems and parts testing prior to shipment. Our distribution services also include overnight delivery as well as full-service, on-site setup of mammography equipment.