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Stereotactic Biopsy

Modality Mammography
Manufacturer Hologic
System Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System
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The Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System is a simple add-on to any Hologic 3D Mammography™-capable system enables you to quickly perform 2D or 3D™ breast biopsies using the same imaging equipment as for mammography exams. Plus, with the lateral arm upright biopsy accessory on the Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System, you have even more flexibility to access challenging lesion locations.

Superior Imaging

The Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System allows pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications – including those that may only be visible with tomosynthesis, with the 3D™ biopsy option.

The use of groundbreaking Hologic 3D imaging technology to perform breast biopsies offers these key advantages:

  • Allows you to easily target lesions, including those visible only in tomosynthesis images.
  • Streamlines procedure steps and speeds targeting, resulting in improved workflow and shorter patient procedure time.
  • Reduces patient dose, as fewer exposures are required.

The Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System provides: Technological innovation. Improved patient care. Advanced breast health solutions. That’s what the Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System delivers. To further support breast health intervention, the Hologic Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System features:

  • The proven direct-capture detector in your Selenia® Dimensions® or 3Dimensions® mammography system ensures that you can biopsy lesions found during screening with certainty.
  • A large field of view for high-resolution stereotactic 2D or 3D™ images simplifies visualizing suspicious areas.
  • Automated tube-head positioning for both 2D and 3D™ imaging eliminates the need to manually adjust the X-ray tube location, helping accelerate procedures.
  • Intuitive design, simple touchscreen controls and clear displays of safety margins make it easy for mammography users to quickly learn interventional procedures.
  • Access challenging lesions with the optional lateral arm accessory. It installs quickly to present the needle parallel to the detector – especially valuable for thinly compressed breasts.

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