Affirm Prone

Affirm Prone


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Affirm Prone

Hologic Affirm®
Prone Biopsy System
Introducing the first and only dedicated prone stereotactic biopsy system with 2D/3DTM imaging. Hologic
brings 3DTM imaging to prone procedures and enables high-resolution 2D imaging – for those who haven’t yet
moved to 3DTM breast screening.

Superior image quality. Using the same proven detector technology as our Selenia® Dimensions® mammography system, Hologic’s Affirm® prone system helps you pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications found during mammography exams.

With automated tube-head motion, programmed biopsy needle parameters, and one-click targeting for 3DTM breast biopsies, you can generate high quality images in seconds – for fast procedures and an exceptional patient experience.

Easy 360 ̊ breast access. A fully integrated C-arm enables 360 ̊ breast access to challenging lesions. Go seamlessly from standard to our exclusive lateral needle approach to accelerate procedures.

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