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Hologic Selenia 2D Mammography

Hologic's Selenia digital mammography platform is targeted toward both clinicians and patients in their fight against breast cancer. Hologic asserts that early detection increases survival rates while digital mammography improves workflow efficiency, increasing time spent by patients side. Selenia is described as an innovative solution capable of revolutionizing any breast imaging suite.

The Advantages of Digital Mammography

Hologic has extensive expertise and experience in digital mammography and provides support services for radiologists, technologists and hospital administrators ranging from cost analysis and financing, training support as well as marketing support for their digital mammogram systems. Hologic is known for creating innovative high-quality systems as well as offering top tier customer care support.

Hologic's Innovative Digital Mammography Systems

Selenia offers an innovative Smart Paddle system designed to simplify technologist workflow and positioning accuracy while improving patient comfort. Incorporating single detector technology, Selenia allows imaging of a larger spectrum of patients without additional exposures requiring. Selenia features Auto AEC functionality which uses available field of view measurements to establish balanced imaging techniques with optimal density/normal breast tissue imaging results. It also offers manual seven-position AEC virtual sensor solutions.

How Does It Work?

Hologic invests millions every year into research and development to advance imaging technology and produce images with superior image quality and contrast. Selenia uses a direct conversion detector, creating exceptionally sharp digital images with improved contrast over time and greater consistency. Hologic's High Transmission Cellular Grid technology delivers higher contrast images by significantly decreasing radiation scatter without increasing patient dose. An optional tungsten x-ray tube equipped with rhodium and silver filters further decreases radiation dose while maintaining Selenia images' superior image quality and contrast.

Efficient Service Through Technology

This system provides new dimensions in workflow productivity and gives immediate access to patient information, decreasing wait time and anxiety for both radiologists and patients alike. Technologists can exchange images and communicate directly with radiologists using SecurViewDX diagnostic workstation. With Selenia TechMate acquisition console technologists can acquire images, access CAD tools, and display prior images side-by-side with current ones without leaving the patient's room or disrupting the exam process. They can also respond immediately when there are positioning or exposure issues comparing new to old images within the examination room and respond instantly in terms of positioning/exposure issues with dual displays swivel/extend to suit any way technologists like working best!

SecurViewRT workstations feature all of the same display, comparison and annotation tools found in TechMate to allow technologists to work from a shared patient list between both workstations for efficient collaboration across imaging rooms.

Hologic has promised that Selenia sets new benchmarks in workflow productivity, offering great image capture capabilities while working side-by-side with clinicians for an efficient collaborative experience. Selenia was designed to transform breast imaging suites, giving clinicians and their patients access to digital imaging's precision, power, and speed for fighting breast cancer.

Hologic's Superior Service and Support

Hologic's customer service center is esteemed among customers as an invaluable source for answers about digital mammography. An independent survey showed Hologic was clearly outperforming its competition in service quality across various aspects, such as system performance, reliability, training and service response and repair. 

Hologic's service organization can assist customers with connectivity beyond imaging suite, such as connecting digital mammography systems to other information systems and sharing image files for remote consultations. Hologic continually looks for more efficient ways to serve its customers - such as building remote diagnostic capabilities into imaging modalities as well as proactive monitoring features designed to detect issues before customers become aware of them.

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