Mammography Biopsy





HD Specimen
Radiography System
Precise. Efficient. Intuitive.
With the Trident® HD Specimen Radiography
System, you know with certainty.
When it comes to performing breast conserving
surgeries or stereotactic breast biopsies, nothing is
more important than being sure.

Exceptional image quality

  • The only specimen radiography system to take advantage of amorphous selenium direct capture imaging to generate crisp, clear, high resolution biopsy images that inspire confidence.
  • Same detector technology as the market leading Dimensions® platform.
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) optimized for breast excisions and core biopsies. Improved workflow
  • Instant verification results in reduced procedure time, and improved workflow.
  • Fast procedure time without the need to wait for margin confirmation.
  • Intuitive user interface and softwaredriven controls eliminate steps, simplify staff communication, and encourage collaboration
  • Minimal steps at the point of care reduce patient procedure time.
  • Compare specimen image with original mammogram or biopsy on one screen.
  • Ease of use.
  • User friendly control panel and software interface with a robust tool set including annotate, measure, magnification, zoom, and more.
  • Modernized with touchpad controls and enclosed design for easy cleaning and a smaller footprint to maximize OR space.
  • Easy integration into your facility and WiFi with the ability to send to the SecurView® DX workstation or PACS with one button.
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